• Do you want to cultivate a more inclusive workplace, but find yourself struggling with where to start?

  • Do you find yourself generally confused about terminology and what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean?

  • Do you want to learn more about why a business must recruit, hire, and retain talent reflecting the communities and customers it serves?

  • Are you ready to join the #BelongingMovement where everyone on your team can show up authentically and be valued for their unique contributions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Rhodes Perry’s new book, Belonging at Work, is especially for you. 

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About the Book

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“It’s virtually impossible to be successful in one’s work in any kind of group – be it a corporation, a deep-sea fishing crew, or a rock and roll band – without feeling a sense of belonging. Most of us have had the experience of working where we didn’t really fit in, and sure, we can pull in that paycheck for a while, make do, hang in there, but how long do those jobs ever last, especially if we want to be honest with ourselves or have a healthy work-life balance? It’s easy to say, 'No job is ever perfect. You’re not supposed to like it; that’s why they call it work!' But why settle for barely adequate productivity, creativity, or new hire return on investment when you can harness the synergy of belonging? Leaders and aspiring leaders who want to succeed should look to Rhodes Perry for inspiration and guidance. Belonging at Work really does matter”

- Jamison Green, Ph.D., Author, Educator, Community Leader, and Corporate Executive

Belonging at Work empowers business leaders, change agents, visionaries, and those on their way to joining them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build inclusive organizations. The personal stories, case studies, and practical strategies featured in the book offer everything you need to cultivate workplace cultures where all of your stakeholders can show up authentically and feel valued and respected for their contributions. Rhodes Perry’s visionary book serves as a blueprint for the future of work. His message inspires leaders at all levels within the organization to join the #BelongingMovement focused on positively impacting workplace cultures around the globe.

Belonging at Work helps you understand:

• What it means to belong.
• Why belonging matters to the future of work.
• How leaders can positively impact workplace culture.
• Where to find concrete strategies and connect with culture change thought leaders.
• Strategies to hold yourself accountable to be the change you want to see in the workplace.

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A portion of the profit from this book will be dedicated to expanding economic opportunities for transgender and non-binary people.

Praise for Belonging at Work:

“Belonging at Work is long overdue. Rhodes Perry’s work is a testament to the power of living with authenticity at all hours of the day, at home and at work. Wherever you are in your journey of living an authentic, purposeful life, this book is a powerful tool that should be required reading in all workplaces that value diversity and full inclusion.”
– James R. Nowlin, CEO of EGP Ventures, Keynote Speaker, and Best-Selling Author of The Purposeful Millionaire 

“Our work environments are changing in dynamic ways. Rhodes Perry’s new book Belonging at Work, is a keen guide to engaging in that change through positivity and action. Both powerful, and easy to navigate, Rhodes’ guide to transforming company culture through inclusion, communication, and empowerment is a worthwhile and timely read. No matter where you are in your personal career journey, from employee to entrepreneur to leader, Belonging at Work is a valuable tool that will, undoubtedly, help move the needle in the direction of authenticity.” 
– Hunter Sunrise, Founder & CEO, Hot Diggity! 

“Rhodes Perry is an invaluable and important voice on our emerging understanding of what makes truly great workplace cultures: the ability for all of us to bring our full selves to work. He clearly lays out what gets in the way of this, particularly for those who are underrepresented, and historically undervalued, both from a personal lens of his LGBTQ experience, and on behalf of so many other lost and marginalized voices. Make no mistake, organizations and their bottom lines suffer from unexplored exclusionary practices. The book is full of practical examples of how we all have a role to play in redirecting the dynamics of exclusion, so that all in the workplace can thrive. A must read!” 
– Jennifer Brown, President & CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting, and Best-Selling Author, Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace & the Will to Change

About the Author


Rhodes Perry is an award winning social entrepreneur, sought after speaker, podcast host, and a nationally recognized LGBTQ thought leader. Media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, and The Huffington Post have featured his powerful work as a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert. Rhodes believes in the power of bringing authenticity into the workplace, and as Founder & CEO of Rhodes Perry Consulting (RPC), he helps leaders, change agents, visionaries, movers and shakers cultivate workplace cultures of belonging. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Gender Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Public Administration from New York University.