Webinar Guidance

On Thursday, April 12 at 11 am PT/2 pm ET, RP Consulting delivered an executive briefing for HR and diversity professionals. The webinar focused on several leading strategies to translate a workplace's diversity, equity, and inclusion ethos into everyday practice. The conversation was geared for professionals in the workforce interested in connecting with a community of HR and diversity professionals, gaining news strategies, and sharing what's working well for them.

Below please find webinar guidance along with links related to resources shared during the webinar.


System Requirements

The webinar will be streamed using YouTube Live. Please review these system requirements in advance by clicking on "Learn More" below.

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Live Chat

To share your questions and comments throughout the webinar, please use the live chat function, by clicking on the "Chat" button below.

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DEI Web Assessment

Communicate your organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion ethos by developing a strong web presence for key stakeholders.

Webinar Feedback Request

After the webinar, please be sure to take a few moments and share your feedback to help improve future webinars.

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