As a LGBTQ-owned business, Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC (RPC) is a diverse supplier offering an innovative and unique service delivery approach. Supplier diversity is the intentional inclusion of socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in procurement opportunities to achieve innovation, cost-reduction, and revenue growth objectives. Diverse suppliers like RPC are a source of innovation and cultural input into the design and delivery of products and services, which enable organizations to better address consumer needs and stay ahead of their competition. Supplier diversity efforts stimulate consumer loyalty, as many consumers prefer to utilize services and products from companies that share values similar to their own. LGBTQ-inclusive supplier diversity is a scored piece of the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index

Strategic Alliances

Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC (RPC) maintains strategic alliances with a number of consulting firms sharing expertise, knowledge, and networks. Collectively these alliances work towards the common goals of improving the lives of LGBTQ people and changing the world for the better. The following firms work in strategic alliance with RPC:

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