Welcome to Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC (RPC)! I’m glad you’re exploring the site and getting a sense of who I am and what I can do for you. A little about me – over the past two decades I have worked across a broad range of sectors with leaders from government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations located in almost every state. My life’s work has focused on improving the lives of LGBTQ people – especially those living at the margins. My track record includes winning important legislative and administrative victories for LGBTQ people, designing robust policy implementation plans to ensure that these hard fought victories are translated into everyday best practices, cultivating the next generation of LGBTQ leaders, and building effective coalitions with key stakeholders. I have a deep commitment to innovating solutions resolving LGBTQ diversity & inclusion challenges using an intersectional approach inclusive of race, class, religion, ability, gender identity and sexual orientation. I am most comfortable working from the beginning of an initiative or campaign and seeing it through to the end – collaborating with leaders to define their vision and doing the work to transform organizations, empowering them to reach their goals. 

Over my career, I’ve worn many hats including serving as a CEO, senior executive, board treasurer, public spokesperson, policy advisor, lecturer, lobbyist, campaign manager, trainer, workshop facilitator, and community leader. I’ve worked at the White House, a LGBTQ homeless shelter, a national LGBTQ organization, and the City of New York. In virtually all of these roles, I have sharpened my entrepreneurial skills creating new programs, positions and entire departments that never existed before, with the goal of internally transforming organizations. I was the principal consultant at each of these organizations with respect to expanding organizational capacity, designing policies, and introducing new practices to respect, affirm, and include transgender and non-binary people. As someone who thinks outside of the box, I truly believe that no challenge is too formidable, because together we are infinite and can accomplish anything through collaboration and deep understanding.  

I am a true Virgo, analytical and incredibly organized, and I’m eager to introduce new organizational strategies to those I work with so that they can do what they do everyday with greater greater confidence and skill. I am an East Coast transplant living in Portland, Oregon with my family, and I like practicing yoga, meditating, and riding my bicycle all around the world.

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