DEI Web Presence Assessment


DEI Web Presence Assessment


Today, leaders must communicate our organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion ethos to remain competitive in an incredibly diverse global market. One of the most effective and essential ways to communicate this message is through developing a strong web presence.

Yet, keeping track of what segments of your web presence effectively communicate this message, and what needs your attention can feel overwhelming.

And that's understandable, given your DEI web presence is often stitched within elements of your organization's digital marketing, website content, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing and more. Clearly, it’s a lot to keep track of.

RPC can help!

The RPC DEI Web Presence Assessment delivers a clear process for measuring and evaluating your organization's DEI online visibility and performance to help your organization remain competitive and relevant for the next generation.

This service provides comprehensive research and analysis of your DEI web presence for both internal stakeholders and those who are viewing your external website. Plus it delivers clear, actionable recommendations and next-steps for improvements.

No vague generalities or complex technical jargon. Just clear information and steps for boosting your DEI web presence.

ROI of DEI Web Presence Assesement

  • Visibility:  Provides a comprehensive 360 degree assessment of where components of your DEI efforts show up within your organization's website, search engine, social media, and email marketing campaigns.
  • Insights: Identifies current issues and potential future problems with your website and DEI web presence that may cause lost sales or have a negative impact on your organization image or brand.
  • Fixed Cost: The service has a fixed cost with no future commitment or recurring monthly fees.
  • Reporting: Includes a written report with analysis, findings and actionable recommendations.
  • Data: Provides clear numerical data used to identify specific areas for improvement.
  • Metrics: Identifies key metrics and measurements, useful now and in the future.
  • Clarity: Helps you understand sometimes complex DEI concepts and terms in plain English.
  • Leverage: Delivers objective information to help your organization better leverage its online DEI visibility to grow sales.
  • Planning:  Provides a set of clear benchmarks for current planning and future reference.

DEI Web Presence Deliverables

This service delivers a clearly written, easy to understand report supported by data and a clear list of actionable steps for an organization to improve its DEI web presence. Each Assessment includes: 

  • Professional analysis of your DeI web presence after reviewing your organization's website, search engine, social media, and email marketing presence.
  • Written report that is clearly written and jargon-free with specific recommendations and actionable steps for improvements.
  • Full Website Audit Data used in the analysis and reporting process. This audit provides additional information and details that will be useful to your web developers and designers, now and in the future.
  • Phone consultation –  Personal contact to review the findings and recommendations in the report and to answer related questions.

Amplify Your DEI Commitments 

Many organizations want to amplify their DEI commitments but aren't sure where and how to invest their time, energy and resources. Updating all of the moving parts to include your DEI ethos - websites, social media, email marketing, etc. - can often seem complex and overwhelming.

This service delivers a clearly written, easy to understand report supported by data, a clear list of actionable steps for an improvements and a phone consultation to give you the confidence to overcome the uncertainty. All for a one-time investment. With no monthly fees or ongoing costs.

Learn more about our the RPC DEI Web Presence Assessment service by purchasing now, or contacting the firm today.

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