Bring the Belonging At Work Summit Home - Organizational Access

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Bring the Belonging At Work Summit Home - Organizational Access


Welcome to the new face of professional development.

A whole new world of learning is about to open up for you and your staff. Investing in organizational access means you and your team can watch the talks together, find new ways to share your stories, and create new vision and action plans using the conference workbooks collectively.

This work is not meant to be done alone. This work requires trust, commitment, and transparency. Our organization access passes will help you foster more space for collective dreaming and belonging in the workplace.

Organizational Access Package Options

Whether you'd like to bring these materials to a few colleagues, use them as professional development for people you supervise, or share them with your entire department or organization, group access is available.

Each option grants you and your team access to the 2019 Belonging at Work All-Access Pass which includes:

  1. VIDEO ACCESS to all the talks

  2. AUDIO MP3 files

  3. EXPANDED CONFERENCE WORKBOOKS (nearly double in size, this gives you more opportunity for connecting the information with your own life & organization)

  4. TRANSCRIPTS for every talk if you prefer to read & highlight important bits

  5. COMMUNITY CALLS that include four weeks of group discussion with Rhodes Perry so that you feel less alone in this work


  7. PLUS, a special bonus featuring STORYTELLING QUESTIONS that you can use at your organization to foster deeper sharing & connection.


Once your organizational pass is purchased, we will work with you to create a private coupon code that each member of your team can use to register for their extended access credentials. Please note that there are 3 different pricing options depending on the size of your team.

  1. Small Group Access (up to 20 people). Up to twenty access passes mean you and up to 19 colleagues will receive access to the All-Access Pass at a discounted rate of $75 per person. Ideal for a small team, non-profit, or ERG.

  2. Medium Group Access (21 - 50 people). Up to fifty access passes? Yes! You and up to 49 colleagues will receive access to the All-Access Pass at a discounted rate as low as $65 per person. Ideal for those with larger teams or smaller teams across multiple locations.

  3. Large Group Access (51 - 100 people). Up to one hundred access passes means big conversations for big teams. As low as $50 per person per All-Access Pass, this is ideal for large organizations & teams who want everyone in on the action!

  4. Custom Group Access. Need something other than what you see here? We can create custom access packages for small groups and much larger ones. Email Rhodes at with details about your needs and a custom quote will be made available.

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The Inaugural Belonging at Work Online Summit has three primary goals: 

  1. Create an accessible learning experience where leaders, visionaries and change agents come together to network and support one other no matter their physical location; 

  2. Equip participants with the essential knowledge, strategies and confidence required to build intentional, inclusive workplace cultures where each person on the team is recognized, valued and feels a sense of belonging; and 

  3. Grow a viral movement of #BelongingChampions committed to taking everyday actions to build more equitable and inclusive organizations.

Meet Your Host: Rhodes Perry

Thanks for your interest in the Belonging at Work Summit! I created this event because I envision a world where everyone on the job can say with confidence, "I can be authentic at work, I matter, and I am essential to my team." In other words, I want to help leaders like you cultivate workplace cultures of belonging.

I love working with visionaries, change agents, movers and shakers committed to building dynamic and exceptional workplaces, but far too often I encounter far too many leaders on the verge of giving up realizing their vision of a building a more inclusive workplace.

That's why I spent the past two decades working in and with many organizations researching, applying and course correcting promising practices that lead to workers feeling a sense of "belonging" at work. What I learned along the way was eventually enshrined in my best-selling book, Belonging at Work

This Summit brings together what I've discovered during my 20 year journey in the diversity, equity and inclusion field complimented with cutting edge ideas from fellow thought leaders from around the country. 

Together let's grow the #BelongingMovement & build more inclusive organizations. 

Over the course of five days, participants will connect with dozens of inspiring #BelongingChampions who will generously share their expertise, wisdom, and humor. 

Together, our community will gain a better sense of what it means to belong in the workplace, why it matters for the future of work, and everyday actions we can take to make sustainable and impactful changes. 

Participants will directly engage with the summit content through 1:1 interviews, moderated panel discussions, and and a closed FaceBook community that will empower us to grow the #BelongingMovement. After the summit, you will leave empowered with the strategies you need to build a healthier workplace culture.