Celebrate International Pronouns Day by Building a More Inclusive Business

In celebration of International Pronouns Day, we are replaying a special panel discussion featuring local transgender, non-binary, and ally community leaders committed to expanding economic opportunities through the PDX Trans Works Project. Airing this panel discussion is timely given that tomorrow is International Pronouns Day – an annual event that seeks to make sharing, respecting and educating about personal pronouns commonplace. If you are an #OutBoss curious as to how you can expand economic opportunities for transgender and nonbinary people by creating a more inclusive business, you don’t want to miss the this episode!

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Questions Answered in this Episode

·      Why should we care about expanding economic opportunities to transgender & non-binary people?

·      What motivated the Portland LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce to take action?

·      How can local small businesses create small changes to create trans-affirming workplaces?

·      How can you make changes in your business to be more gender inclusive?

Resources Shared in this Episode

·      Read a the community report about workplace barriers for transgender and non-binary people

·      Learn more about the Portland Trans Works Project

·      For those local, join the PDX TNB Business Advisory Council

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