OH1: Office Hours Launch! Manifest a Winning Business Idea

This week’s episode introduces a new chapter for the Out Entrepreneur Podcast, as we are launching the show’s inaugural “Office Hours” Series! The Office Hours series features new episodes of the podcast that dive deeper into some of the many themes guests over the past 2+ years have shared. Some of these themes piqued our curiosity and have inspired us to amplify our guest’s wisdom in order to deliver the best business advice, centered around leveraging our rainbow superpowers.

To make the content more engaging, our faithful sound engineer and nonbinary business owner of PodDream, Allon Bealesoli, will be riffing with Rhodes. Note the Office Hours Series differs from our normal weekly episodes – on the regular show, Rhodes interviews business owners sharing their wisdom and guidance with him, 1:1. If you love these interviews, fear not, they will continue on this platform every other Tuesday. In between these episodes, we will feature engaging Office Hours content.

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Questions Answered in this Episode

·      How do you manifest a winning business idea?

·      How did Alon and Rhodes come up with their business ideas?

·      Why is it important to define your dream clients or customers?

·      What is the number one problem keeping your ideal clients awake at night?

·      What are your ideal clients/customers willing to do to make it the way they want?

·      What are your ideal clients/customers willing to no longer do to make it the way they want?

·      How can your ideal clients/customers do what is necessary to make it the way they want?

Resources Shared in this Episode

·      Forbes, How to Create a Winning Business Idea

·      Cleverism, Best Idea Generation Techniques

·      Udemy, Find & Evaluate Startup Business Ideas

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