Show Host Notes: "Building a Movement of Inspired Out Bosses"

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The Out Entrepreneur's second season is well underway featuring inspiring LGBTQ business leaders including Bob WiteckAndrea BarricaMolly Cameron, and Eduardo Placer to name only a few of our incredible guests. The best news - listenership continues to grow at steady clip!

The audience now includes over 20,000 listeners, many of whom have asked how they can support the show. This message offers a few simple responses where you, and fellow friends of the show, can help grow the podcast, and inspire the next generation of Out Bosses:

  • Advertise Your Brand. Many of the guests I have interviewed on the program serve LGBTQ & progressive business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and those on their way to joining them. As your business works to connect with your ideal clients, please consider the value of advertising on the podcast. When you advertise on the show, you'll directly connect with Out Bosses, and your evergreen ads will reach over 20,000 listeners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Join the Community. Did you know about the vibrant Out EntrepreneurFaceBook Community? If not, take a few minutes and join the group. Once you do, you'll connect with like-minded business owners ready to help you grow a thriving business, and they'll remind you to have fun while you do it;-). Once you're in the community, you'll be among the first to learn about exclusive live podcast eventsdrop-in interviews, and coaching opportunities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Subscribe, Rate, & Review. If you haven't subscribed to the podcast yet, please take a moment to visit iTunes and do so. Then consider rating and writing a review for the show. Your review can be a simple line or two about why you listen to the show. After you take these actions, please share the podcast with a friend or a loved one, and encourage them to take the same actions. Each review increases the show's visibility, and connects more Out Bosses with our community.

As the podcast continues inspiring more LGBTQ professionals to bring their whole selves to work, I am eager to learn how I can improve the content, and share the program with a wider audience. If you have suggestions, or an interest in advertising on the podcast, let's schedule a time to chat. I'd love to hear from you, and learn how you're crushing it in business.

Be Authentic. Take Action. Build Community.

Rhodes Perry, MPA
Host + Creator
The Out Entrepreneur, LLC

P.S. Did you know that March 31 is International Trans Day of Visibility? Check out my take on the intersections of being a trans person and an entrepreneur, and then check out this amazing interview with Professional Cyclist and Portland Bicycle Studio Owner, Molly Cameron.

Rhodes Perry

Rhodes Perry is a nationally recognized expert on LGBTQ and social justice public policy matters, with two decades of leadership experience innovating strategy management, policy and program solutions for corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. At his core, Rhodes is an entrepreneur, where he most recently established Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC, a national diversity and inclusion consulting firm that uses an intersectional approach to collaborate with leaders on creating solutions in the practice areas of strategy management, issue advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. Previously, Rhodes founded the Office of LGBTQ Policy & Practice at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services, and prior to this assignment he served as the founding Director of Policy at PFLAG National where he led the policy strategy and advocacy efforts for the organization’s 350 chapters. He cut his teeth serving as a Program Examiner at the White House Office of Management & Budget, where he improved upon federal benefit programs designed to provide assistance to low-income communities. Rhodes earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Gender Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and obtained a Master of Public Administration from New York University.