105: Celebrate 50 Years of the Advocate Proudly with David Millbern, Emmy Nominated Actor-Producer

David Millbern is an Emmy nominated actor-producer delivering thrillers like, The Nurse, comedies like Hush Up Sweet Charlotte, and sit-coms like From here! starring EMMY-winner Juliet Mills. He has won the prestigious Sabre Award for producing Live from the Daytime Emmy’s Red Carpet and is the producer of the critically acclaimed documentary, A Long Road to Freedom: The Advocate Celebrates 50 Years narrated by Laverne Cox, which chronicles a half-century of the fight for equality, as well as the publication that covered it all.

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Questions Answered in this Episode

·      Who is David Millbern?

·      How is being an actor-producer an act of entrepreneurship?

·      What motivated David to become an actor?

·      How does David empower LGBTQ communities?

·      How can you get in touch with David and his art?

Resources Shared in this Episode

·      Learn about David’s acting career on IMDb

·      Watch A Long Road to Freedom’s Trailor

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