103: Stitch Social Responsibility into the Fabric of Your Business with Michael Kajubi, McBern Tours & Travel Founder

Michael Kajubi is the founder of McBern Tours and Travel, an inclusive tour company providing premium tour services in Uganda and throughout East Africa. He started his business in 2013 with the intention of supporting the McBern Foundation which helps marginalized aging adults and young people who have survived some form of family rejection because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Michael’s business mantra is TRIP – transparency, responsibility, integrity, and professionalism.

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Questions Answered in this Episode

·      Who is Michael Kajubi, and what does his business do?

·      What motivated Michael to start his business?

·      How does Michael empower LGBTQ communities?

·      How can you get in touch with Michael and his business?

Resources Shared in this Episode

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·      Connect with Michael by Email

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