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On Thursday, June 28, Rhodes Perry, host and creator of The Out Entrepreneur, facilitated a webinar entitled, Leverage Your LGBTQ Superpowers at Work. The learning opportunity empowered LGBTQ workers and their allies to learn from some of the 1.4 million #OutBosses crushing it in business all while bringing their whole selves to work. During the live webinar, participants learned from six of the ~100 #OutBosses interviewed on the podcast who shared what their LGBTQ superpowers were, and how they leveraged them in their businesses. The conversation explored what it takes to be more authentic in your work, no matter if you are an employee or entrepreneur. By learning from LGBTQ entrepreneurs, participants had the opportunity to move into their own rainbow superpowers. If you’ve ever wondered if, or how, your work could benefit from leveraging your LGBTQ superpowers, then check out the recording from this webinar!

Below please find webinar guidance along with links related to resources shared during the webinar.


System Requirements

The webinar will be live streamed using Zoom. Please review these system requirements in advance by clicking on "Learn More" below.

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Live Chat

Share your questions and comments throughout the webinar by using the Zoom chat feature. Familiarize yourself with this feature below.

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Leverage Your Power

Get the support you need to leverage your LGBTQ Superpowers at work by enrolling the E+E Coaching Program & gain a mentor.

Webinar Feedback Request

After the webinar, please be sure to take a few moments and share your feedback to help improve future webinars.

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