Engage LGBTQ Talent & Build a Workplace Fit for the 21ˢᵗ Century

Everything you need to lead on LGBTQ equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, engage talent, and access new markets with confidence and expertise.

"I went into the LGBTQ A-Z Mentorship Program hoping that I had enough knowledge to actively participate in the certification program's group discussions, while also knowing that  - as a woman who does not identify as LGBTQ - I had a lot to learn and understand. I received a ton of information, all taught very clearly and with equal parts of compassion, humor, and gravity by Rhodes, so I could be clear on how to analyze and apply these processes in my operations and executive level work in any of the industries that I engage with. I really think anyone in management, strategic planning, or executive leadership in the 21st century workplace would benefit from taking this program."

Kate Ertmann, Certified LGBTQ A-Z Alum & Co-Founder of Portland's Women in Animation Chapter & Bitch Media Board Member

The next LGBTQ A-Z Certification mentorship program begins

Monday, October 1, 2018

The program is limited to 20 students. Secure your space by registering today!

LGBTQ Workplace Policies. So many ideas. So little support.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an executive, HR, or diversity professional grappling with creating a strategic vision to welcome and include more LGBTQ people into the workplace – or maybe you’ve already developed an inclusive workplace policy, and you’re looking for a better, easier way to transform your workplace culture.

You’ve scoured the Internet for support designed just for you: support that offers real mentorship, skills, and accountability that allows you to focus on the big picture of complying with laws, cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment, and opportunities to access LGBTQ talent and new markets. You want a powerful source of support, and also want one that doesn’t overwhelm and monopolize your time.

Perhaps you’ve tried hiring an outside consultant to offer a training solution for you and your team. Or maybe you’ve even attempted to bootstrap your own solutions implementing ideas found through research or gleaned from conferences or professional associations.

You’re just looking for something that makes it easy for you to engage LGBTQ talent and markets in meaningful ways – that makes it possible for you to comply with existing non-discrimination laws, implement your workplace policies, and attract top talent and new customers. On top of that, you need something that won’t break the bank.

Either way, you’re probably left asking yourself the same questions:

  • Why is it so hard to engage LGBTQ talent, and attract LGBTQ markets?

  • Why is it so frustrating to find the support I need to confidently comply with existing workplace laws, implement policies, and cultivate a workplace spirit of inclusion?

We at RPC have experienced the same challenges leading various equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives over the past two decades.

We know you’re persistent. Despite the challenges that arise with this work, you haven’t let that stop you on your quest to cultivate a more equitable workplace for your team.

Now imagine if you had a simple system that allows you to transform yourself and your workplace. And a mentor that’s going to support you every step of the way.

RPC makes it ridiculously easy to gain the confidence, mentorship, and skills needed to build a more inclusive workplace.

Building and cultivating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace is hard. You know this already. It’s your job.

The reality – some days will be a blessing beyond your wildest dreams. You’ll connect with executive leaders who get it, who understand the value of investing in your work, and who continue to promote you because you’re successfully engaging diverse talent and markets. Other days, though…not everyone will understand the business case, which can lead to disappointments and overwhelm.

But you’re not doing this work because it’s simple. You’re doing it because you are a purpose driven change agent committed to building a workplace that reflects the communities you serve.

And that’s why you need more than just a “diversity training.” You need a mentor, and a community standing behind you every step of the way, cheering you on.

With the LGBTQ A-Z Certification Program, you’re not buying a “diversity training,” you are joining a team of committed professionals building workplaces fit for the 21st Century.

A team that loves the challenge of cultivating equitable workplaces – so that you can focus on the big picture of complying with workplace laws, engaging diverse talent, and accessing new markets.

A team with a mentor who has been in your shoes and who is happy to help with any of your LGBTQ A-Z equity, diversity, and inclusion questions.

AND more than happy to help with any of your colleague’s questions. (That’s right, at RPC, we help with the dreaded, “why is this relevant to what our business does?”)

You’re joining a team that partners with you to open more hearts and minds that will no doubt transform a workplace into one ready to meet the demands of a global economy.

And you’re joining a community of like-minded professionals that will celebrate each and every success along the way.

5 ways the LGBTQ A-Z Certification Program helps you transform your workplace

  • Learn at Your Pace. Lifetime access to high quality tutorials that will walk you, step-by-step, through the TEAMS Transformation Method – a process that will lead to building LGBTQ inclusive workplaces.

  • Access an Authentic Expert. During the four weeks of this certification program, you get direct access to RPC as your personal mentor. You can ask us as many questions as needed, and we are committed to answering each and every one.

  • Gain Mentorship with Coaching Calls. RPC will host four, live, weekly coaching calls. Calls take place each Friday at 11 am PT/2 pm ET. If you can’t make it to the live call, they are recorded and made available after the session is complete.

  • Learn from Fellow Professionals. One of the greatest benefits of the live mentorship calls is that you will not only get answers to all of your own questions, but you also benefit from the answers that others in the group receive to their questions. Questions you might no have thought to ask yourself.

  • Realize Proven Results. RPC is extremely proud that all of the proven strategies you will learn throughout this program have already led many of our clients to realize greater engagement among their LGBTQ talent, and increased access to markets that were previously inaccessible. We will help you achieve this also, no matter where your workplace is at with this work.

  • Join Our Community. Once you complete the course, you will be offered the opportunity to join the private LGBTQ Talent A-Z Alumni Facebook Group where you and your colleagues can actively offer ongoing peer support and encouragement.

What to Expect from the LGBTQ A-Z Certification Program

  • Enjoy Strength in Numbers. As you begin connecting with other participants, your practice will grow stronger, you’ll support each other learn new skills and strategies, and together we will problem solve the inevitable challenges that arise along the way.

  • Inspire Colleagues & Transform Your Workplace. The mentorship program transforms your practice and your workplace within four weeks. Each class learns the exact system RPC uses when working with top tier clients who invest five figures for 1:1 client engagements.

  • Access Quality, Limit Overwhelm. Once enrolled, you will receive immediate access to the course outline, and course work for the first week. RPC spent the hours to curate the most cutting edge and helpful strategies, making it easier for you to adapt what’s possible.

  • Track Your Achievement. Over the course of the four weeks we share together, you’ll have the opportunity to track your progress, and celebrate your successes along the road to building a more inclusive workplace for LGBTQ people.

  • Build a Vibrant Community. Once you receive your certification, you may access the LGBTQ A-Z Certification Alumni Facebook Group where you can stay connected with fellow participants and future professionals ready, willing, and able to solve additional challenges and celebrate your future successes.

The next LGBTQ A-Z Certification mentorship program begins

Monday, October 1, 2018

The program is limited to 20 students. Secure your space by registering today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of this course? This course shares the same method Rhodes uses with his top-tier clients, and he will mentor and empower you to infuse these proven strategies into your diversity & inclusion efforts. The knowledge, skills, and confidence you gain from this program will provide a significant return on investment that will influence your career in the months and years ahead.

How much does this course cost? Typically, a 12-month engagement with Rhodes’ top-tier clients using the same methods you will learn from this program exceeds the mid-to-high five figures. Hourly coaching sessions with Rhodes on a short-term basis is $300 per hour. In this course, you will learn the same strategies Rhodes uses with his top-tier clients, have have up to 156 hours of direct access to him, and have 4 hours of live coaching with fellow colleagues to work through your challenges. The time that Rhodes is giving to your challenges alone is worth close to $48,000, or 25 times more than the cost of this program. For a modest $2,000, you gain Rhodes as a mentor and get plugged into a team of committed executive, HR, and diversity professionals ready to encourage and support each other to do their best work.

Is there a refund policy? The RPC guarantee is a virtual handshake – a promise that we will be fair to each other. All of us as the firm are so sure that you’ll be thrilled with the program, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, also known as the “two thumbs up” guarantee. If you have a problem with the course, we’ll do our best to make things right. Our guarantee is that you walk away from the program with greater confidence, skills, and a new community to remain connected years after you receive certification.

What should I expect after I enroll? You’ll receive a welcome message from me after you enroll that includes a receipt, a welcome video to orient you to the program, and details about the scheduled weekly group mentorship calls. You’ll also find early and instant access to two of the tutorials that will be assigned during the first week of the course if you wish to get started early.

What should I expect from the program? We use a system called Teachable to manage the discussion forums for the LGBTQ A-Z Certification Program. Once enrolled, you’ll receive instructions on how to access the program, along with the course schedule, assignments, and schedule for the mentorship group calls. The brilliance of the program is that aside from the live mentorship calls, you’ll have the ability to learn at your own pace, track your progress, and have direct access to Rhodes during the 4-weeks you are learning and applying your newly gained knowledge, skills, and confidence.

How can I apply this certification to my everyday work? The skills you gain, along with the assignments you’ll have during the program directly relate to your duties as an executive, HR, and diversity professional. Rhodes has years of experience understanding where LGBTQ diversity & inclusion initiatives can get stuck, and he’s ready to give you direct mentorship to help you overcome these challenges to help transform your workplace culture.

Any other questions? We’ve tried to cover as much as possible here, and naturally there are likely to be other questions. Contact Rhodes here, and he’ll be sure to get back to you with a response, and possibly your question will be featured here for future participants!

RPC Wants to Help You Transform Your Workplace

A note from Rhodes Perry, MPA, Founder & CEO of RPC, LLC

When you begin the LGBTQ A-Z Certification program you’ll most likely experience moments where you feel stuck or uncertain about how to proceed.

Never fear! Those moments are the growing pains associated with the learning process.

The most common pain points you’ll encounter during the program include…

  • Pivoting from “why” this work is important to the “how” to do the work

  • Establishing buy-in with ALL members of the executive team

  • Exploring options to benchmark the workplace climate & measure success

  • Prioritizing the most important projects leading to a more inclusive workplace

  • Developing a plan to sustain and grow positive organizational change

When you encounter these challenges, rest assured that you will gain newfound confidence because you have a mentor and a community in your corner.

At RPC, our clients often share feedback along these lines, “I am grateful for your expertise, confidence, and support as we work towards recruiting more transgender employees and creating a culture where these talented workers want to stay and develop their careers. While we certainly have encountered challenges doing this work, I’m relieved to have your mentorship and guidance.”

Now imagine how that confidence will take your diversity and inclusion practice to the next level. How you’ll have the ability to take a step back and focus on the what really matters most to you: complying with employment laws, implementing workplace policy, and attracting diverse talent and markets to your team.

The mentorship you receive from the LGBTQ A-Z Certification carries over to your executive, HR, and diversity teams as well. From challenges with engaging leadership team members to understanding legal and policy compliance matters, RPC helps provide solutions to your team’s immediate challenges as it relates to the skills and strategies you gain throughout this course.

Consider RPC your LGBTQ diversity & inclusion guru – handling most of the questions or concerns your team encounters related to the why this work is important, so you can focus on how to realize a meaningful workplace transformation.

It’s the mission of RPC to usher in a new wave of confident, knowledgeable, and purpose driven executive, HR, and diversity professionals. This program has the potential to get us there to welcome and include LGBTQ talent and markets.

Join the LGBTQ A-Z Certification today, and together, let’s transform your workplace!


The next LGBTQ A-Z Certification mentorship program begins

Monday, October 1, 2018

The program is limited to 20 students. Secure your space by registering today!