Let’s Podcast!

Inspired by my good friend and mentor, Jess Pettitt, I made a goal to be a guest on a podcast at least once each week -- if not more -- for 2019. This is where you come in!

Why Me? 

I am a nationally recognized diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader, and I LOVE sharing my message of why Belonging at Work is the key ingredient to building a healthy workplace culture. I recently published a book, Belonging at Work, with the mission to start a movement of passionate change makers, movers, and shakers working together to cultivate a workplace culture where everyone can show up as their authentic selves, where their differences are celebrated as a source of strength, and where their contributions are valued. 

With 20+ years of helping leaders, and those on their way to joining them, build inclusive workplace cultures, I love having the opportunity to speak with fellow podcast hosts (I have a show as well) about the sticky topics that often stall or derail an organization’s well intentioned diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments. As a seasoned human rights advocate, I am prepared to speak in sound bites, answer questions clearly, and I love the challenge of making complicated concepts accessible to your audience, regardless of personal, religious, or organizational beliefs. 

Belonging at Work offers a blueprint for the future of work. It empowers leaders at all levels within an organization to establish a bold vision of what a healthier workplace could be. It offers concrete strategies on how leaders can begin to chart a course to get there. It also helps leaders consider what supports they will need along the way to implement their vision. Essentially, if offers an insider look at how I support my clients. Visit www.belongatwork.com to view a sample chapter, videos, testimonials, and more information about what it takes to cultivate a culture of belonging. The book will inspire you to take action today! - Rhodes


Rhodes Perry is an award winning social entrepreneur, sought after speaker, and a nationally recognized LGBTQ thought leader. Media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, and The Huffington Post have featured his powerful work as a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert. He is the founder and CEO of Rhodes Perry Consulting (RPC), a firm established to support leaders, change agents, and visionaries in corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies cultivate workplace cultures of belonging. Rhodes is also the host and creator of the popular podcast, The Out Entrepreneur, a weekly podcast that amplifies the power of LGBTQ business owners from around the globe. Through his entrepreneurial pursuits, he leverages his belief in the power of bringing authenticity into the workplace.

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Belonging at Work Book Synopsis: 

It’s virtually impossible to be successful in one’s work in any kind of group – be it a corporation, a deep-sea fishing crew, or a rock and roll band – without feeling a sense of belonging. Most of us have had the experience of working where we didn’t really fit in, and sure, we can pull in that paycheck for a while, make do, hang in there, but how long do those jobs ever last, especially if we want to be honest with ourselves or have a healthy work-life balance? It’s easy to say, “No job is ever perfect. You’re not supposed to like it; that’s why they call it work!” But why settle for barely adequate productivity, creativity, or new hire ROI when you can harness the synergy of belonging? Leaders and aspiring leaders who want to succeed should look to Rhodes Perry for inspiration and guidance. Belonging at Work really does matter” _ Jamison Green, Ph.D., Author, Educator, Community Leader, and Corporate Executive

Belonging at Work empowers business leaders, change agents, visionaries, and those on their way to joining them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build inclusive organizations. The personal stories, case studies, and practical strategies featured in the book offer everything you need to cultivate workplace cultures where all of your stakeholders can show up authentically and feel valued and respected. In Rhodes Perry’s visionary book serves as a blueprint for the future of work. His message inspires leaders at all levels within the organization to join the #BelongingMovement focused on positively impacting workplace cultures around the globe.

Belonging at Work helps you understand:

• What it means to belong.
• Why belonging matters to the future of work.
• How leaders can positively impact workplace culture.
• Where to find concrete strategies and connect with culture change thought leaders.
• Strategies to hold yourself accountable to be the change you want to see in the workplace.

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Contact Information:

Rhodes Perry, MPA
@rhodes_perry (personal)

What Podcasts have I already been on?

Typical strong questions to ask me:

Tell us more about why you frame your book as mission for the #belongingmovement?

What does it mean to belong at work?

How did your personal experiences early in your career help you shape your message?

Why is this book needed today?

Who can benefit the most from reading this book?

What’s included in the book, and how can it help your readers?

What’s the role of leadership when it comes to workplace culture?

How can leaders positively impact workplace culture?

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Will I help promote the episode?

Yes! My marketing team has a comprehensive social media campaign process for the month the show airs, and throughout the following year.