Celebrate LGBTQ History Month!

This October, let us celebrate, remember, and honor the sacrifices and hard work of the many LGBTQ people, and our allies, who have come before us to help make the workplace a more welcoming and inclusive environment for so many within the Rainbow Family. For ideas on how to talk about the importance of this month at work, please review this great list.


To keep the spirit of LGBTQ History Month alive beyond October, please be sure to sign-up for Belonging at Work book updates here: www.rhodesperry.com/book. While the book focuses on helping leaders, visionaries, and change agents build inclusive workplaces for all, it also offers my own personal stories related to being a bisexual and transgender employee, and case studies related to experiences.

As a way to give back to my community, I am dedicating a portion of the profit from Belonging at Work to expanding economic opportunities for transgender and nonbinary people living in the United States. Related to this commitment, my firm is partnering with Portland State University and the Portland Area Business Association to help improve workplace cultures for transgender and nonbinary people living in the Pacific Northwest. Next week, we'll be talking more about our efforts at a panel discussion. If you happen to be in the area, please consider attending by RSVPing here.

For those interested in learning more about the book, check out the following resources:

  • Book Updates. I'll be sharing book updates over the next six weeks. To stay connected with the process, I encourage you to opt-in to receive relevant messages here: www.rhodesperry.com/book. You will have the option to indicate your interest in purchasing the book, promoting the book, or both. You will also have the opportunity to share what it means to belong at work in your own words.                                                                                

  • Share with Colleagues. Do you know a trusted colleague, manager, or supervisor who could benefit from Belonging at Work? If so, consider sharing this message with them, and encourage them to sign-up for book updates here: www.rhodesperry.com/book. Together, let's help them get started in cultivating workplace cultures where all stakeholders can show up as their authentic selves and be respected and affirmed.                                                                                                                                             

  • Book a Talk. Let me know if you would like to host a book signing, house-party, or have me as a speaker at an upcoming event. If you are connected to media or press, I welcome introductions to television, radio, periodical, or podcast connections, especially for those interested in a powerful, positive message of Belonging at Work, and the movement we are creating for a healthier, more productive and innovative workforce. 

Leading up to the book's launch date, I will be moderating a live panel discussion with several award winning diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leaders who were interviewed for the book. We will be discussing what it means to belong at work in relation to the results of the 2018 Midterm Elections. If you're curious about where this work fits post elections, definitely save the date for World Kindness Day on Tuesday, November 13.

Rhodes Perry

Rhodes Perry is a nationally recognized expert on LGBTQ and social justice public policy matters, with two decades of leadership experience innovating strategy management, policy and program solutions for corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. At his core, Rhodes is an entrepreneur, where he most recently established Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC, a national diversity and inclusion consulting firm that uses an intersectional approach to collaborate with leaders on creating solutions in the practice areas of strategy management, issue advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. Previously, Rhodes founded the Office of LGBTQ Policy & Practice at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services, and prior to this assignment he served as the founding Director of Policy at PFLAG National where he led the policy strategy and advocacy efforts for the organization’s 350 chapters. He cut his teeth serving as a Program Examiner at the White House Office of Management & Budget, where he improved upon federal benefit programs designed to provide assistance to low-income communities. Rhodes earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Gender Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and obtained a Master of Public Administration from New York University.