Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC (RPC) works with clients that value the multiple and intersecting components of the identities and lived experiences of their stakeholders. To that end, the firm innovates solutions that address the most complex LGBTQ diversity & inclusion workforce development and service delivery challenges. Clients range in size, sector, and geographic location. RPC is ready to work with clients in government, non-profit and for-profit organizations aligned with the firm’s mission and values

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"Graceful leadership comes from a place of confidence and humility. Combine those qualities with passion and a deep understanding of the needs of LGBTQ young people navigating the challenges of poverty and you have Rhodes. I’ve learned so much from watching Rhodes lead my Agency, helping us improve our services for LGBTQ communities, and I couldn’t recommend him enough to other large government organizations, non-profits and for-profits struggling to stitch LGBTQ diversity & inclusion into the DNA of their organizations. Rhodes is patient, kind, and always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to inspiring organizations to do their best work."  - Gladys Carrión, Esq., Commissioner, New York City Administration for Children’s Services


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"Rhodes Perry is an invaluable thought partner with the Center for the Study of Social Policy. He has worked with us from the beginning of developing the getR.E.A.L Initiative, a national network designed to promote healthy sexual orientation and gender identity development for all children involved with the child welfare system. He has generously shared his demonstrated experience, knowledge and resources with our national partners, and he brings significant credibility given the impressive system changes he implemented at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) - the largest municipal child welfare system in the country. Thanks to his leadership, ACS is now recognized as a national leader committed to improving social services for LGBTQ stakeholders, which ultimately leads to more LGBTQ young people thriving into healthy and happy adults. It’s a pleasure working with Rhodes as he brings a passion, knowledge and skill to facilitating and engaging key stakeholders in that change process." - Bill Bettencourt, Senior Associate, Center for the Study of Social Policy


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“Strategic, substantive and creative are three words that immediately come to mind when I think of Rhodes’ leadership style. The support, guidance and collaboration he’s offered my team has and remains an invaluable asset as we continue to improve social services for LGBTQ young people living in Los Angeles County. His breadth of knowledge, insight, and sheer tenacity in unpacking and changing complex systemic structures is inspiring. For those organizations struggling to implement inclusive policies designed to transform organizational culture, definitely consider working with Rhodes." - Lisa Parrish, RISE Director, Los Angeles LGBT Community Center



"I’ve collaborated with Rhodes on several critical national LGBTQ campaigns, and have always appreciated his collegial style and willingness to do the work at building important community coalitions to advance our shared goals. As one of the nation’s smartest experts on transgender policy matters, Rhodes offers an important perspective to ensure that the needs and concerns of transgender and gender non-conforming people are appropriately represented. He continues to expand his reach by writing publications such as Safe & Respected, and by speaking at conferences, gatherings, and forums with national, state, and local policy makers from around the country. Through his work, he’s helped implement life-saving policies by connecting key stakeholders with concrete practices to improve the well-being of transgender and gender non-conforming people." - Mara Keisling, Executive Director, The National Center for Transgender Equality