Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC (RPC) is a national strategic management firm innovating solutions addressing complex leadership development, organizational change, and coalition building challenges. As a LGBTQ certified business enterprise with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, RPC is a diversity supplier offering an intersectional service delivery approach centering the perspectives of LGBTQ people with the work. The firm has significant experience implementing diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives in a broad range of sectors including government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations. RPC empowers clients to manage organizational development and cultural change efforts across large systems, and has a demonstrated record of success. No matter the challenge, the firm is rooted in the belief that together we are infinite in transforming leaders and organizations.


RPC celebrates diversity and inclusion in the composition, lived experiences, and ideas within the firm, along with the clients served. The firm acts in deep respect and honors the multiple and intersecting components of the identities and lived experiences of clients and stakeholders influenced. RPC welcomes these differences as they bring strength to ideas, services, and overall impact. The firm values the expertise and collective wisdom of clients, and works in collaboration with them to deliver concrete results empowering the workforce, and delivering improvements to goods and services.