RPC offers proven expertise to address the most complex LGBTQ diversity & inclusion workforce development and service delivery challenges. A number of case studies are featured below to get a flavor of the RPC approach and accomplishments.

Leadership Coaching – Developing Emerging LGBTQ Leaders. While working with PFLAG National, Rhodes designed and implemented the organization’s emerging leaders’ internship program. Through this work, some of the movement’s brightest and most promising young leaders received mentorship and coaching over an intensive 10-week leadership development program. Many of these young professionals are now serving in leadership positions at the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation, the U.S. Senate, the White House, and other significant organizations. Aspects of this leadership development program are stitched into the leadership services offered at RPC. The level of mentorship offered in this leadership development program translates into more talented people gaining invaluable skills transferable to government, non-profit and for-profit organizations. The skills of these emerging leaders are transforming organization’s to be more inclusive and welcoming to some of the most diverse and talented professionals.

Inclusion Consulting - NYC Administration for Children’s Services. While serving as the principal consultant on LGBTQ matters for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), Rhodes established the Office of LGBTQ Policy and Practice, the first of its kind for any municipal child welfare organization. This Office continues its implementation work, carrying out the City’s strategic vision of creating an environment where all children and young people are respected, affirmed, and empowered to thrive into healthy and happy adults. With Rhodes’ visionary leadership, the accomplishments of this Office garnered national recognition, and now serve as a model to innovate, introduce, and manage change for many other localities and states nationwide. Anchoring the many successes of this Office was a team of dedicated, diverse, and talented experts, including several staff experts, an agency leadership advisory council, and an advocates’ council composed of representatives from over 190 community-based organizations.

Coalition Building – Building Relationships with LGBTQ Leaders. In order to affect important policy changes, Rhodes supported organizations like PFLAG National forge strategic alliances with LGBTQ and allies in nearly every state. Laying the ground work for state coalitions included message coaching thousands of organizers and constituents through field visits, webinar trainings, and in-person lobbying summits. Through community coaching efforts, invaluable strategic coalitions were launched and designed to liaise with senior executives in the Obama Administration, Congress Members, along with state and local officials, business communities, and LGBTQ community members with the shared goal of influencing the passage of life-saving legislation and the implementation of regulations and policies for LGBTQ people and their families in the areas of education, housing, health, juvenile justice, and foster care.

Speaking Engagements - Creating Cultures of Belonging for Transgender & Non-Binary Employees.